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  • Why Most Offline Marketers are NOT Consultants but merely Service Providers (You’ve been lied to!)
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Inside LIMU I am joined by THE most successful Local Internet Marketing Entrepreneur I have ever come across in 15 years of doing this business!

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– David Cavanagh
World Class Internet Marketing Coach


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Banks, AR


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I just became a member of Local Internet Marketing University and I am so blown away at the level of education that is provided here.   For the first time, a true step by step system all laid out in university style teaching using a whiteboard, backed up with a video for a visual effect just as if I were actually  sitting in Andy’s classroom.    Not only that but a teacher – yes and actual person that you can contact for personal assistance at any given time so there is no getting  “stuck” not having anyone to turn to for help.

Andy has  answered all of my questions and has personally looked over my videos to critique me to perfection and ultimately more clients.  Now who else offers that?  Yep, that’s right – No One!

It goes without saying that I plan on staying a member of LIMU and growing my business beyond my wildest dreams and because of LIMU I have the confidence, the assistance and the tools that will allow me to do that without fear!

I highly recommend Local Internet Marketing University (LIMU) to anyone who is struggling to succeed in offline local marketing.  LIMU will catapult your business no matter what your current level of experience is;  you WILL be more successful  and make more money using the techniques  taught here at LIMU!

– Lauren Harrington


“LIMU is a Fantastic Resource!”


Thank you very much for the training video you sent out. I have to say that as someone who has lived most of my life in marketing and advertising and as a local business owner and internet entrepreneur, you are a world class marketer and a genuine and RARE person online today.

What I like about your approach is that you speak of needing to have systems in place, and cohesiveness. This is SO missing in the internet marketing/entrepreneur training space.

Just ask the world famous Dan Kennedy about that. :) You will get a mouthful! ha ha.

You certainly come from a position of knowledge and experience which people need to understand is SO important. MOST people (as I am sure you know) have NEVER actually done what they teach. That is why they teach it. It is easier to scam people and make money off other people. It is really unfortunate.

Your LIMU is a fantastic resource that can benefit anyone no matter if they are a beginner, intermediate, or expert.

My best to you always Andy,

– Eric Henderson


“Other Programs Don’t Come Close!”


I just wanted to say thanks for creating Local Internet Marketing University.  As you know, I’ve invested in several other offline marketing training programs but none of them have even come close to providing the quality of relevant content and strategies to be able to know how to succeed in doing online marketing for offline businesses.



Matt Fraser
Edmonton CA

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local marketing coach andy

– Andy Kelly

Your Local Internet Marketing Coach and Mentor